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Supreme Precision & High speed Fiber Laser Metal Cutting Machine

  • Long lasting life time(1000,000 hours) of laser module.
  • Very specialize for thin sheet Precision cutting.
  • Supreme Precision motion control by the linear motor.
  • Auto focusing cutting head.
  • Automatic assist gas pressure control.
  • Easy to adjust the focus lens.
  • Easy to replace the focus lens.
  • Granit planet is mounted for batter flatness ans prevention of vibration.
  • Low maintenance cost & energy- efficient.
  • minimize burrs and roughness.


Sheet metal Cutting , Wafer cutting , Stencil ,Gasket , Solar Cell.


MS,SS,Copper,Alloy,Solar cell,PCB,Flim,Ceramic,Silicon wafer,Fuel cell.


Laser Power 300 Watt 500 Watt
Max. Cutting Thickness MS: 3mm
SUS: 1.5mm
MS: 4mm
SUS: 3mm
Power Consumptions  5 Kw 6 Kw
Motion Speed 1500 mm/sec
Supply voltage 220v ,1p , 50~60 Hz
Cooling system Air cooling
Assist Gas N2 , O2
Wave lenght 1,070nm
Cutting bed sizing 450*450mm, 800*450mm, 1200*2400mm, 1500*3000mm