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Laser Marking & Deep Engraving Machines - RMI Laser - USA

Founded in 1998, RMI Laser, LLC was the first to commercialize the highly efficient Nd:YVO4 technology. We have sold over thousands of systems worldwide for last 15 years.  We are the first commercial YVO4 laser marking system manufacturer in the world. As you might know, the YVO4 has lots of benefits rather than other technologies. Please also refer to the attached our company brochure and the company and products introduction videos below;

Our product spectrum includes Nd: YVO4, Nd: YAG, and latest fiber laser. RMI Laser also has various models of 1064nm and 532nm laser marking systems as well as laser source/platform products in our laser product line. You can easily select the optimal laser marker for your application from our broad product range; UM-1, U-10, U-15, U-20, U-2G, U-5G, UF-20, UF-30, UF-50, etc.
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Laser Marking systems

  • Nd:YVO4 at 1064nm: U-10, U-15, U-20
  • Nd:YVO4 at 532nm (green laser): U-2G, U-5G
  • Nd:YAG at 1064nm: UM-1
  • Fiber at 1064nm: UF-20, UF-30, UF-50

Laser sources/platforms

  • Nd:YVO4 at 1064nm: UP-5, UP-10, UP-20
  • Nd:YVO4 at 532nm: UP-3G, UP-6G